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Fuel your passion.



Delicious, tropical flavors in an intimate, exotic boutique setting.

Maracuya by Llama is a one-of-a-kind café that offers a diverse range of tropical beverages, premium coffee, and delectable desserts. Our menu boasts a variety of tropical juices, including the exotic maracuya fruit, as well as a selection of beer and wine. Our grab & go options are perfect for those on the move, while our cozy seating area provides a serene atmosphere for those who wish to indulge in our mouth-watering offerings. Situated on the picturesque West King Street in St. Augustine, Maracuya by Llama is the ultimate destination for those seeking a taste of the tropics in a bohemian ambiance.


featured flavor

Maracuya (Maracu-ja): Spanish for Passionfruit.

The flavor of passion fruit is astringent and refreshingly tart when the fruit is fresh, but it becomes sweeter and more complex as the fruit ripens. Its flavor can be compared with citrus, melon, pineapple, and kiwi.


Love is Love.

Maracuya by Llama is an inclusive and safe space for all. We welcome diversity & encourage freedom of expression.


indulge. explore your palate. fuel your passion. 

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